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Album Lyrics

The Beginning and the End

I will sail across the sea
To find the answers that I seek
To find the truth out in the deep

Leave behind both friends and home
Sail into the world unknown
Live the life I’ve longed to know

The Tide

I was born by the sea
Ocean air in my lungs and the tide at my feet
And the tide calls to me
To sail out into the deep

And if I fall into the deep
I’m coming home the tide will carry me
The tide will carry me home

Lullabies and your eyes
Are calling me home and I can’t ignore
The denial that I saw in your smile
When I set out into the unknown


There is a story that you hold
that is waiting to be told
out on the sea away from home in a world you don’t know

Close your eyes and realize
Now is the time to be alive
All you’ve seen and all you know
Are only stories you’ve been told
So go chase a world of your own
And watch your story unfold


There’s gotta be something for me in the world out there
if only I could get past my doorstep
I had never heard the call of the world beyond the shore
but your words spoke to me and now my heart yearns for more

There’s more than what I know, and
I’ll be lost till I find you

I know there are answers out there for me to find
I will sail the ocean blue to find the truth

I know I’m lost in a world alone
I will be lost until I find my home

Dangers of the Deep

They were sure you did not exist
You were just a legend and a myth
A little white lie mothers told their kids
To keep them safe from the dangers of the deep

Until the day you made history
When you washed up on the beach
And unravelled a mystery
What lies beneath? What’s hiding in the deep?

Wish I Had Known You

Through the fog I can see
The light as it breaks through to me
In the cold we are clenching our teeth
We feel the mist off the see
And with each passing wave
I clench my teeth tighter again
And ponder the change the sea tends to make
With each passing day and each passing wave

Wish I had known, wish that I had really know you
The way I should have known you

The ocean breeze
It seems to speak to me
I feel I’m getting closer

I’ve crossed the sea to know your heart
And I know I’m not that far
I know the way you lived your life
And I know I want to live mine

The Storm

I feel the rain on my skin
As the darkness closes in
And the waves pull me down
I’m getting closer now

Do your best to make it home tonight

Crossing the Bar

I’ll keep trying to keep my head above the water
As long as you keep holding on
I’ll keep fighting for as long as I have strength left
But I doubt that I’ll be long

Into the deep and onto the stars
Sing me to sleep when I cross the bar

If you love me let me go

You and I fought long and hard we fought a good fight
And I am not ashamed
Of who I am or where I’ve been or where I’m going
No I am not afraid, as I go

Into the deep and onto the stars
Sing me to sleep when I cross the bar

If you love me let me go
I’ve been longing for my home

Look into my eyes
I just need to hear you say goodbye
It’s been a long, long night
I just need to hear you say goodbye
And good night

Ocean Forgets Me

Cold and lost in the ocean in a world I’ve come to know
As this ship sinks into the water and leaves me alone
Stars break through the clouds and shine down on this last night of my life
As I fight not to drown, as I fight to survive

And the ocean pulls me under
In its fierce unyielding grasp
As my future’s torn asunder
I feel your heart at last

The storm rages on after I’m gone
And the ocean forgets me
I am calm as the storm rages on
My story goes on
And the ocean forgets me

And pulls me under
In its fierce unyielding grasp
As my future’s torn asunder
I feel your heart at last
And the currents pull me deeper
Into the depths of the sea
I know my story will continue
As the ocean forgets me

After the End

I have a world to hope for
That I’ve never seen
But somehow I know
The ocean waves are guiding me onwards
To that faroff place
Where I long to go

The ocean held me, took me for its own
And the tide carried me home
To the sea of glass and fire that I saw in your life
When I first felt the tide
Calling me to go

This world is here for the waiting
And the hopeful
Out on the sea
Find your heart in the journey
Into the ocean
Into history

The songs you sing will never die
The life you lived keeps you alive
Your story begins after the end

After the End II

Late night
I see your eyes
Searching for something you won’t find

I am creation and destruction
Both a beginning and an end
I am creation and destruction
I will bring you home again

So here is hope for every sailor
Who leaves home in search of more
I will be there when it’s over
I’ll bring you home after the war

So when you reach your final chapter
And you round your final bend
I will meet you at the finish
I’ll bring you home after the end

The End and the Beginning

In the beginning and the end
The world goes on without me
In the beginning and the end
I ask myself the question
How will I be remembered?

The colours fade
As the tide takes me away
The colours fade
But the memories remain